deskWell here it is guys. My new work area. It’s still coming together, but I thought I would share what I have so far. Big thanks to the love of my life for the new desk and chair for the bday! I am having a hard time deciding how I want to organize the shelves. But I am just happy to have  place to work on my bullet journal and to have my laptop while working on all those reviews and posts.

This has been such a crazy two weeks. I managed to have 105 hours on this pay period (2 weeks) from job number one. Add about 30 from job number 2. I am just so happy to have a full weekend off (not including my trip). My mom’s birthday this week and my sister and I are taking her out for a mani-pedi girls date. Let’s just say that I am so happy we planned it because I sort of feel like I deserve it after all that work. But all that work is paying off, because I finally got a new car this week too and I finally feel like I am not going to get stranded somewhere or that my car is going to fall apart. Unfortunately that means less book buying, but I can live without for a little while. That’s what libraries are for.

Week 43


Have you guys ever met Trogdor before? He’s my little fur baby that I got for high school graduation and is sadly getting older and older. He’s 13 now and has no teeth so his tongue is constantly sticking out like that. It’s super cute. Anyway, he has always sat on my husband’s desk while he worked and now that I have my own he does the same to me. I think he just likes to see what’s going on…or just loves us so much he wants to be near us a lot. He may be taking up half my desk, but you know what? I have barely seen him these last few weeks I am totally okay with it.


What I like about this post is that I mostly free handed the pumpkins. Pumpkins are all different shapes and sizes so I thought I would let that reflect in my little doodle. Not each day is the same, so let it reflect in my spread. Also, it was a little refreshing to pop in a little color since I have been so black and white lately.

I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Do you like my new spread? Do you use your BuJo daily? Have any fun bujo hacks? Who do you like to follow on Instagram? What types of tools do you use?


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