This last week went by way too fast. Does anyone feel like the end of the year goes way faster than the beginning? I’m currently past due on two arcs, and just can’t find the time or drive to finish them. I did enlist in a new personal rule of not requesting ARC’s unless they were already on my TBR list. Hopefully I don’t run into this dilemma again as time progresses and I clear up my list.

Week 40


Guess where I am going this weekend? My (and Rae’s!) birthday is on the 16th so I am heading out of town, off to Portland, OR. So the days on the left side are the days I will be home in Washington, days on the right side are for my days away in Oregon. I didn’t realize till after that they ended up basically being empty boxes…so I’m not exactly sure what I will be putting in there. Any ideas?

I used a tongue depressor to help make the rounded corners of my boxes. I tell you what though, it took SO much more time. It is a nice change from the sharp corners I normally have, but I am not sure how often I really want to do something like this. I try to be creative, but at the same time make my spread unique and have at least a little bit of character. This is where a stencil might come in handy.

I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Do you like my new spread? Do you use your BuJo daily? Have any fun bujo hacks? Who do you like to follow on Instagram? What types of tools do you use?


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