What is up my fellow bullet journalers! I hope you are all having a wonderful week! This week I have mixed up my spread as I will only be at home for part of the week as I am heading over to the west side (Seattle) on Tuesday. YAY. Vacation! What does that mean? That means 1. a split weekly spread, 2. future blog posts about eateries 3. future blog posts on my eateries and 4. I sadly probably wont be very actively reading your blogs posts this weeks (Sorry!). I am hoping to keep up with my reading, but I am going to be honest here, I will probably be too busy having fun and drinking lots of alcohol while on vacation. I really wish my husband was a reader too so that we could knock out a book on the drive there (I like to audiobook at 1.5x speed or higher). Anyway, here are the spreads!

Week 12 Filled in Spread

Okay, so I don’t feel the need to put a color coding key on each page because it’s actually at the beginning of my bujo in my overall key. Instead of just writing in different color pens, I have used my erasable markers to indicate the same thing. (Blue=work, orange=homestead/farm, yellow=workout, purple=reading/books, black=everything else). Using the slashes helps me determine what I multitask on, such as Friday where I am working at such a slow clinic I can read. Those of you who follow me on Twitter or Snapchat might remember that I was bored out of my mind that day though.

I am really liking this spread because it helps me allocate where my time is being spent rather than just a list of things I need to get done that day or when I have to be certain places. Since I am a very visual being, it has really helped me grasp how much time I am spending doing one thing or another.


Week 13 Spreads

Okay, so as I said before I have split up my weekly spread. You may remember that I had a pretty difficult time last, last week so the left page was just some calligraphy practice with my Tombow pens of an inspirational quote my husband sent me to help cheer me up. I decided to put it in my bujo because I find it incredibly important to remind to have kind words available for when you need to get a lift. On the right I used a similar layout as I did before just obviously shorter week length and with a general “to do” section, because heck, I am officially on vacation, I don’t need any daily to do lists to bog me down.


And last but not least, a spread for my actual away-vacation days. I have reverted back to an untimed spread because, honestly I don’t like to have full on minute by minute type of itinerary. A loosely based plan is good enough for me (for the most part) because I don’t like to keep checking my watch to be sure I am on schedule for whatever next event. The biggest tool for me this week is going to be my expense tracker. I have this knack of overspending when I go on vacation, particularly on food. I love eating, and I always get dessert when I go out to eat. Soooo, I technically did a rough plan of what I was going to be doing and went “over budget” for a plan. I am hoping to keep track of my spending as I go along (like you would for balancing your checkbook) to make sure I stay within my mental amount.


Obviously, books and the blog made the cut. Even though I technically wont be putting a huge amount of focus on it all I need to remind myself to keep it up.

I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Do you like my new spread? Do you use your BuJo daily? Have any fun bujo hacks?


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