Hello first full week of March! In lieu of my excitement of spring encroaching I have this month wrapped in flowery washi tape. I’m excited for next month because I will break out the cherry blossom washi tape to celebrate 花見 (hanami) which is the Japanese cherry blossom viewing festival. It technically starts towards the end of March, but I associate it with April.

Weekly Spread

I’m so into this open spread. I know it’s so lame to keep going with it, but it’s just SO quick and life right now is so busy. seriously, the most time consuming part is writing out my mini calendar. Lining up those tiny numbers sure does take some concentration.

I did add back in my “Next Week”, because I have found that I needed a place for it. I have also noticed that separating the major aspects of my to do’s for the week gives me room to organize it as well as leave my days open to other various stuff, like work schedule or whatever, that way if I start falling behind I don’t have to keep crossing something off and re writing on the next day. So tedious. Out of curiosity would you guys like to see what a “used” week looks like for me? I know most places you find the empty spreads, but maybe next week I will show how hectic these pages actually get. Trust me, they don’t stay looking pretty very long.


Bujo Hack

bujonotes.jpgI am constantly writing notes down, but don’t necessarily want them in my bujo anymore, I don’t need a long list of all my shopping on my weekly spreads. So I have washi-tapped a little note pad (I took the top half off to save the bulkyness) onto my front cover. That way I have easy access to a list without having to 1. take my bujo in with me when I run into the store real quick, and 2. something that I can throw away real easy or just pass on to someone else.







I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Do you stay consistent week to week on your spreads? What type of stuff do you like to change up? Have any fun bujo hacks?


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