Where is this year going? It’s finally November, which means #nanowrimo! This is my first time really ever going for something like this. While I am not officially participating I am using it as an excuse to just write something. Now I didn’t include a tracker of sorts for this since I’m only half-assing it. But anyone else participating that also uses a bullet journal that has a spread to help keep track of their progress? Something for me to think about if I go for it next year too.


So fun fact, I love trees. I am so fortunate that my husband loves to draw them so I get to see his doodles and paintings all the time full of them. Here’s my weak attempt at birch trees. I love birch trees. I feel like they are so sleek and elegant and I love that their leaves pretty much only turn yellow in the fall. Against their white bark I find it really helps pop. I thought about adding in some color on this opening page, but I again just wanted something simple. The trees were relatively easy to draw, I just did a bunch of freehand scratches and horizontal knots  to give the trees a little texture.



Soooo, I needed a lot more room to keep track of my ARC’s. I am hoping I curb the bad habit of requesting so many. So far the restriction I put on myself hasn’t really been broken. So if I keep it up, I wont feel like I am drowning too much longer.

Week 44

I’m not going to lie, I love this spread. I used my newer Tombow caligraphy pens and while they still wrote bigger than anticipated, it came out so pretty! I still need loads more practice, but using those pens are so much fun. I love how neat and clean this spread is. Super minimalist with lots of room to write what I want out. I’m dreading all my notes going in and ruining the clean look. >_<


I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Do you like my new spread? Do you use your BuJo daily? Have any fun bujo hacks? Who do you like to follow on Instagram? What types of tools do you use?


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